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Course Boards

Course Boards form an integral part of the College’s systems and mechanisms for Quality Assurance and Student Experience.


It is vital that courses are developed through annual course monitoring in the light of student feedback. In order to achieve this, Course Boards offer a forum at which Student Representatives can air views concerning their programme of study at the College.


Formal minutes are taken at the meeting, which are then shared with other monitoring and quality assurance mechanisms including LTEC, CQAC and Academic Board.  Actions from one meeting to the next are monitored and a summary of points raised and the actions taken form part of the annual Course Board Monitoring process.


The Course Board meetings usually have the following people in attendance:

Chair: in Music; Director of Music and in Drama; the Head of Course

Other attendees: the discipline’s core Academic staff, Students’ Union President, Head of Student Services & the College Librarian

Your Representatives: your elected course board representatives.

Minutes: these meetings are formally minuted by a member of Academic Services.



For a copy of the latest Course Board Minutes for your department, head to the forum.

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