RWCMD Students' Union

Undeb Myfyrwyr CBCDC

Board of Directors

The College has Board of Directors rather than a Board of Governors due to it’s legal status, but the function of the Board is basically the same. The Students’ Union President is a full member of the Board.

The Board of Directors is responsible for:

approving the mission and strategic vision of the institution, long-term business plans, key performance indicators (KPIs) and annual budgets, and ensuring that these meet the interests of stakeholders

appointing the head of the institution as chief executive of the institution and putting in place suitable arrangements for monitoring his/her performance

ensuring the establishment and monitoring of systems of control and accountability, including financial and operational controls and risk assessment, clear procedures for handling internal grievances and for managing conflicts of interest

monitoring institutional performance against plans and approved KPIs, which should be, where possible and appropriate, benchmarked against other institutions.

The above responsibilities are defined in the ‘Guide for Members of HE Governing Bodies in the UK’.

Where permissible, the governing body may delegate authority or allocate some of its work to committees, grant delegated authority to the chair or a committee to act on its behalf, and delegate responsibility to the executive head and officers of the institution. Such delegations must be clearly defined in writing and be formally approved by the governing body. Having delegated authority to other bodies or individuals to act on its behalf, the governing body is nevertheless still ultimately accountable and has to accept corporate responsibility for the actions taken.

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