RWCMD Students' Union

Undeb Myfyrwyr CBCDC

Executive Committee’s Role

The SU Constitution describes the SU Executive Committee’s remit and responsibility to be:

  1. The members of the Executive Committee are the Officer Trustees and the Student Officers, as detailed in Article 65.
  2. The Executive Committee shall meet on no less than fortnightly during the term time. An extraordinary Executive Committee meeting shall be held at the request of any member of the Executive Committee.
  3. The Chair shall be the Officer Trustee (President) or their nominee.
  4. Quorum for an Executive Committee meeting shall be 3 of the elected officers.
  5. All Student Officers will carry out their roles in accordance with the duties set out in By-Law 3.All Student Officers must:
  6. submit an annual schedule of the Union’s income and expenditure to Student Council and Trustees
  7. be responsible for the day-to-day conduct of the affairs of the Union, subject to the Policies and, where applicable, detailed decisions of the Trustees and Student Council
  8. act within the powers delegated to it by the Trustees
  9. be responsible for the implementation of those Policies of the Union which are referred to it by the Student Council

All Student Officers are required to:

  1. ensure the notion of “Students First” is central
  2. provide effective representation for all members
  3. be accountable to all Students for their actions
  4. ensure that a genuine spirit of equal opportunity and diversity pervades the Union and to support and represent Students who face discrimination
  5. build and maintain professional working relationships with other Officers, all College Staff and members of other Students’ Unions
  6. uphold the Constitution of the Students’ Union and its Bye-Laws
  7. provide direction deliver high quality services and opportunities to all students of RWCMD

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