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Accessing the RWCMD Wireless Network



The RWCMD Wireless Network provides access to the internet using portable devices. Only staff and students of the college with an RWCMD email address and password may use the Wi-Fi.  If you do not have an RWCMD email address then please contact IS Support in room A3.09.


To access the RWCMD Wireless Network:

Connect to an  RWCMD Wireless access point.  The access point uses WPA pre-shared key encryption and the password is: rwcmdwireless

Once connected to the access point, open a web browser and visit any website e.g.

You will be  automatically redirected to the RWCMD Wireless Network login page.

Enter your RWCMD e-mail address and password, you must then agree to the College’s Information Systems Regulations.

Click on the ‘Connect’ button to login.


After 15 minutes of inactivity or after 60 minutes of use, Internet access will cease and you will have to log back in to the network. 


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