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The College charges for printing in all open access suites.

To check your printing balance, double click on the pound symbol in the task bar, this will display a window with your account details.

When you print from any program i.e Word, Excel etc, a popup window displays what is about to be printed, the number of pages, the cost and the amount of credit that you have.  At this point you can choose to print the document or cancel the print job.

If you continue printing, but do not have enough credit to print all the pages, the document will not be printed and a popup window will inform you.


Crediting your account

You can credit you printing account at the Library issuing desk.  Members of staff do not have to pay to credit their account.


Printing Costs

The cost of printing is 4p per side of A4 sheet.


Free Pages

All new students will receive 50 pages free at the start of the Academic year.


Printing Problems

Printers are often busy and it can take a short while for your document to be printed.  If you press print and nothing happens, do not press print again.  If you press print more than once you will be charged for all the print jobs you send to the printer whether intentional or not.


If in any doubt, please contact a member of the IS Department.

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