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Cashless Catering

Hand Holding a Credit Card

The College along with Catering Academy have introduced a Cashless Catering service for both Students and Staff. You will be able to pay for your food and drinks from either the Canteen or Coffee Shop using your College ID card. You can credit your Cashless Catering Account using either of the two “Top-Up” Units in the College Refectory. To credit or check your account balance, follow the instructions below:


– The Top-Up Units are touch screen, to start press anywhere on the screen with your finger (you may have to press twice).

– A Top-Up screen will be displayed; insert your College ID card into the reader on the front of the kiosk. It doesn’t matter which way up you insert your card. The system will then display your name and the current balance on your account.

– The Top-Up Unit accepts notes and coins and as each note or coin is loaded the Top-Up amount will show in the “Topup” box as well as adding to the “New Balance.” Coin values will be add quicker than notes, don’t be alarmed by the strange noise as notes are loaded, they are not being shredded! The unit verifies each note and places them in a secure stacker.

– When you have finished crediting your account, remove your ID card from the reader. Your new balance is now instantly available to spend.

– At any time you can insert your ID card in to the Top-Up Units and your current balance will be shown. Once you have checked your balance, remove your ID card to continue.

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