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Undeb Myfyrwyr CBCDC

Keeping Safe

Being safe, healthy and feeling at ease whilst studying is paramount and we continually strive to ensure that your time in Higher Education is enjoyable, safe and enhancing the complete student experience.

As students we are often seen as easy targets for the less than scrupulous people who live in the city. It is unfortunate but some students will be a victim of crime or have their safety compromised whilst studying; using your common sense and the advice from the South Wales Police will help in reducing the crime rate, making you a less likely target or victim.

We maintain regular contact with South Wales’ Student Liaison Officer – if you would like to speak to the Police concerning and non-emergency or confidential issue, then please let us know and we will put you in touch.

There is much more information, advice and support on living safely and being a good member of your local community at Cardiff Digs.

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