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Baking Society

Do you like tea/coffee/wine/beverages?
Well what goes more perfectly with those things than cake!!


We at the baking society provide cakes, and other baked goods, for college events and events of our own. Events this year include The Great Royal Welsh Bake Off, Alice in Wonderland Tea Party, GO Green Day and Comic Relief. We also just meet up and bring cake in the SU quite a bit….

However much you like baking (or eating) then you should join as it doesn’t matter how experienced you are; I am the queen of reconciling baking mishaps and giving tips is another fun (and slightly nerdy) thing we do. We’ve also talked about doing baking lessons for the beginner bakers amongst us.

It’s not a big commitment and we’ve even had requests of people just coming along and helping wash up- as well as eating the goods- and mostly it’s quite informal and chilled out! So if you like pastry, cakes, pies and more, then join!


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